Young Zingaro Trekkers

Siddharth Lele: 9920183688
Prateek Dwivedi: 9029285878
Sukhada Shete: 9892399114
Nitin Poredi:        9819249480
Shekhar Limaye: 9325026111
Milind Joshi   9082892395


  1. I had Young Zhingaro Trekkers book that had a detail information of all the treks one can possibly do in Maharashtra. I am not certain here my father got it from, however, he was an enthusiast nomad just like his friend Mr. Ashok Pandit, and I guess Ashok kaka got us hinged to back packing and trekking in India. I am not sure if that book was written by you folks. But if so, then that was the best book an enthusiast like me could have to explore the wilderness of Maharashtra. Thus, I am wondering if you have any upcoming hikes that I can be a part of along with my kids (4 and 8 yrs old, and my wife). Looking forward to hear more.


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