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Dhyas sahyadri

Group Name: Dhyas Sahyadri
Founder: Nikhil Kokate
Date of group started: September 15, 2018
Details of Trek Leaders:
1. Nikhil Kokate
Basic Mountaineering Course certified
Basic First Aid course certified

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2. Manisha Patil
Basic Mountaineering Course certified
Profession: Nursing Staff (St. George Hospital, Mumbai)
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3. Sanket Chinchkhede
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4. Dhananjay Sapkal
Basic Mountaineering Course certified
Pinnacle climbed till date:
1.     Vajir
2.     Navra Pinnacle, Anjanavle, Junnar
3.     Irshalgad Pinnacle
4.     Navra – Navri – Karwali Pinnacle, Bhamburde
5.     Hadbichi shendi Pinnacle
6.     Tail-baila Pinnacle
7.     Participated in re-bolting at Bhairavgad (Moroshi)
8.     Technical Leader in re-bolting Project at Baan Pinnacle 2020
5. Deepika Karande
Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) certified
Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC)certified
Method of Instructions Course (MoI) certified
Contact us on: 9309187676
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Dhyas Sahyadri 🧗‍♂️🤟