a) Your group name :- TRAVEL OFFTRACK
b) Your group Facebook page  :-
c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :-
d) Your group website(optional) :-
e) Date group started (optional) :- 18 April 2018
f) Number of treks done till now:-  11
g) Name of trek leaders (with links to treks leaders profiles on facebook ) Mayur Phadale
i) Qualifications of trek leaders (number of treks done till now,any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)
Compeleted Basic Mountaneering Course from JIM

j)Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :-
k)Address of main group office (optional for very small groups)

 +91 8080 304 123

Do not hesitage to give us a call, We are happy to talk to you.
 +91 8080 304 123

To get event update on WhatsApp send message mytrack with your name on below number. You must save this number in your contact list to get updates.

 +91 8080 304 123


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