Sahyadriking Trekkers

Sahyadriking Trekkers" is the good event organisation like-Adventure Camp,Treks,School tours,rafting event,Camping,Photography,Bird watching,Industrial visit,himalayn treks,scuba diving events,Corporate events,Jungle safari.etc
we have certified Technical Team For adventure activity.some members are did  the courses in Manali,Mount abbu,himalay,HIM,NIM. few members are did the first aid cours.

all the members are very highly skill full
good handelling to participants,good communication

we are provide hardware on rent-
tent,sleeping bag,technical equipments,mattress,team building equipments,rifle shooting,archery equipments etc.

Contact info : 8605556325,7744003602

Please leave a message if number comes unavailable.The place where we stay has network issues as its very remote.


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