Pune Travel Club

Contact :
Parag: 8411898409
Kaustubh: 75885 59977
Pune Travel Club: 9158990529 (Whatsapp)

The Pune Travel Club (PTC) is a non-profit, volunteer based group which organizes outdoor, sports, green and social events throughout the year on weekends and weekday mornings. Upcoming events are informed to our members through a mailing list, write-ups on completed events are posted on our blog, ongoing member discussions happen in our Facebook group.

PTC is a place where like-minded, nature loving and outdoor passionate souls come together in a open, volunteering environment, overcoming challenges together as a team, breaking out of oneself physical and mental boundaries, coming out as friends for life and recharged human beings with a different perspective on life. The non-profit nature of equal cost sharing and volunteering based environment focusing on a shared passion brings out the best in people.

contact or whats app ‎Shraddha Ostwal‎  +919766980434

We are starting a travel company called Autdoors, which is a by-product of Pune Travel Club (PTC)
Parag: 8411898409
Avinash: 7767805456
Pune Travel Club: 9158990529

  • Parag Afzulpurkar A passionate explorer and founding member of Autdoors,
  • Shraddha Ostwal
  • Prateek Manwani
  • Anubha Jain
  • agarwal pooja
  • Avinash Gaikwad
  • Vamsy
  • Founder of Pune Travel Club (PTC) and Autdoors, 


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