Ultimate Hikers

Ultimate Hikers
Yogesh Alekari
Yogesh : 9702525435
Kailash 8652125925

Ultimate Hikers & Travellers office (update oct 29th 2019)
Ultimate Holiday office vashi
plz do visit our new office at Vashi.

Add- F160, 1st Floor, Fantasia Business park, Near Inorbit mall, Vashi Sec 30A,
Navi Mumbai. 400703


+91 9702525435


Ultimate Hikers started the Hiking Club in 2014 to evolve the term “trekking”. We believe all youngsters should trek. In our experience as a trekking organization, we see adults imbibe lessons from outdoors on a daily basis. Children are much more receptive to the world in their growing years. It is the perfect time to inculcate valuable lessons from trekking in their routine which are likely to stay with them through their life.
Ultimate hikers Group began in May 2016 but can trace its history back to 2014. Originally called DGS durgdarshan giryarohan sangh, the group organised 50+ of treks and bikerides in the sahyadri mountain range. After changing its name in May 2016, we are organising more types of events including watersports and other adventure activities.


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