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Gananjay, Plot No. B-184, Sector 20 , Belapur Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.
9757146611, 9833396615
Kaustubh : 97571 46611

Jaydeep Bhoir : 98333 96615/ 75061 05004
Page created - January 13, 2018

Team Info

Jaydeep Bhoir
Avid trekker & traveller, Photographer by passion. wayfaring more than two decades. Well experienced in Trekking & Backpacking. Driving force behind the idea "TravelBuffs"

Kaustubh Lad
A Certified Mountaineer. Having spent his life in mountains of Sahyadris since childhood. Kaustubh is the perfect person when it comes to opting for a trek lead and is the most sensible guy to be around with. Lively, Fun and Happy are the adjectives that best describe Kaustubh. Hence, “Happy trekking and happy trails” is his favorite tagline.

Pradnesh Khedekar
Certified Mountaineer. Wandering in the Sahyadris since 2002. comes from families of trekker. travelled length and breadth of the country. passion for photography and travelling. love for solo backpacking.


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