Outdoors Redefined

Outdoors Redefined

Sagar Mahadeshwar

Call: 9892503550 / 8779885567 / 9892505557

Whatsapp: 9892503550

Email ID: outdoorsredefined[at]gmail[dot]com

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 Sagar Mahadeshwar: 9892503550 / 8779885567 / 9892505557

1. Our group name is 'Outdoors Redefined' - www.outdoorsredefined.com
2. I organise Treks for my non-commercial group 'Weekend Trekkers' along with my partners Salil Mahadik and Nagesh Bhakta. We have organised 54 Treks so far for the group and I have personally done 20 of them. You can join our closed group on Facebook to check the past trek events - https://facebook.com/groups/weekendtrekkers (Twitter: https://twitter.com/weekendtrekkers). The three of us have now formed 'Outdoors Redefined' which is a commercial group and we have done our first Trek on 28th July to Korigad.
3. The photos of the Treks that we have organised for Weekend Trekkers are available at https://facebook.com/groups/weekendtrekkers. The photos of our first Trek for Outdoors Redefined are available here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.228626184458204&type=3


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