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TreKshitiz Sanstha Dombivli, is the first ever website to give information in Marathi and English on various forts in the Sahyadri. was launched by TreKshitiZ Sanstha in 2001. We started trekking in 1996 and immediately fell in love with nature and the historical monuments. We did enjoy every bit of it but at the same time faced some unforeseen difficulties. We knew that sharing our experience and information with fellow trekkers would make it easy for them as well as would also help amateur trekkers. And what better medium to do so than a website!! Thus was born.

Right from the start the response that we have received from the trekking community is what has kept us going. Also suggestions and ideas that we have received have motivated us to keep on improving. Taking this into mind we decided to further and bring for you an improved Expansion plans include more forts and photographs and new sections. At present TreKshitiZ has posted information of more than 300 forts along with more than 100 maps and 10000 photographs.

          Every person in his life whatever background he may be having does have some liking towards traveling to various destinations near and abroad. Members of KshitiZ group are also of these feelings and have huge liking for the Forts In Sahyadri.
                             While getting to these sanctum sanatorium’s it was always felt that lack of information is hampering the quality of our treks. So KshitiZ group started the collection of information of the places which it visited. Also it was felt that this information should be available to who the whole domain of trekking community. So it was decided to launch a website which would be serving the purpose of displaying the information to trekkers and nature lovers. Launch date of this ambitious and necessary project was 27 Feb 2001.

Now let us see the main features of

 First website to display information of forts in Marathi as well as English.

 Information of more than 335 forts, categorized to perfection.

 More that 5000 photographs for the various moods of this forts and nature.

 Bus time table of nearby depots to all the forts mentioned on website.

 A unique kind of forum for all nature lovers, trekkers & history lovers from all over the world.

 Various other sections such as Shivaji Maharaj, Articles, Trek Gear are also added to

 The 'Temple' section provides detailed information about temples in Sahyadri with history and photos.

 The Map section gives useful information about location of various places on each fort and surrounding region.3.


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