DarkGreen Adventures

DarkGreen Adventures
Suhas Patil: 7276871749 (Also available on WhatsApp)
Alternate: 9405875947
Emailid: suhasp95@gmail.com
Krishna Kuya
Email – kuya.krishna@gmail.com
Mobile – 9820285295 (Also available on WhatsApp)

Trek Leaders:
Existing Leaders
1. Krishna Kuya, Founder and Trek Leader
WhatsApp/Call - 9820285295
 - Basic Mountaineering Course from NIM, Uttarkashi
 - Advance Mountaineering Course from HMI, Darjeeling
Number of treks led: More than 150

2Suhas Patil, Trek Leader
WhatsApp/Call - 7276871749
Courses: pursuing BMC
Number of treks led: More than 100 (including those in RAC)

3Harshal Nanavare, Trek Leader
WhatsApp/Call - 9930312871
Courses: None
Number of treks led: More than 50

New Trek Leaders
4. Makarand Anantpure, Trek Leader
WhatsApp/Call - 9922684416
Courses: None
Number of treks led: More than 10

5. Ankit Singh, Trek Leader
WhatsApp/Call - 8898389189
Courses: None
Number of treks led: More than 10

New Trip Leaders (non-trekking trips only)
6Sneha Nagarkar, Historical Heritage Walks
WhatsApp/Call - 9920679409
Courses: None
Number of Heritage walks done: More than 20

7Tanveer Khan, Leisure Trips
WhatsApp/Call - 9588693509
Courses: None
Number of trips led: More than 10

Our former trek leader Parth Upadhyay has left the team. However he is not working with any other trekking group and thus there is no conflict.

Please note:
 - “number of treks led” doesn’t include personal treks as participants or with friends
 -  We don't have a centralized bank account. All trek leaders collect money in their bank account or Paytm

 -  We don't have any office. All trek leaders work from home


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