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Vainateya Giryarohan Giribhraman Nashik

Vainateya Giryarohan Giribhraman
Vainateya  Trekkers Nashik

2019 अधिक माहिती आणि नोंदणीसाठी संपर्क*
1) चेतन खर्डे 9096666599
2) अपुर्व गायकवाड 7276384186
3) विद्या अहिरे 930728 4245
4)तेजस देसाई 7028287285
5)आशिश शिंपी 9822999976 1) Chetan Kharde 9096666599
2) Apurva Gaikwad 7276384186
3) Vidya Ahire 930728 4245
4) Tejas Desai 7028287285
5) Ashish Shinpi 9822999976 Yogesh Joshi 9423101570
Bhausaheb Kanmahale 9422247027
Sharmistha Surajiwale 9850049457 VAINATEY GIRYAROHAN GIRIBHRAMAN,Nashik.


Get in touch with Saurabh Pathare (9869252778) for any more queries.

Mr. Parag Lagu
C/O Lagu Bandhu,
206/207, Shilpin Center, G D Ambekar Marg,
Wadala Mumbai 400 031
Tel : 022-2415 0211, 2415 0221

Rock Climbing Camp and Competition Enquiries:
Abhijit Burman (Bong)
8/7 Artist Village, Sector-8, C.B.D, Belapur, Near Apna Bazar,
Cell No: 09869615166 (after 1800hrs),
Phone: +91-22-25590158 (Office) 8.30am – 4.00pm (Monday to Friday)

Franco Linhares
Cell:+91-9869989542  |  E-Mail:

Nature Walk Outdoors Pune

A/10, Ashok Kiran Society, Ashok Path, Off Law College Road, Pune 411004

 +91 8007976337 / 9326823052 / 9766832351

Jeevidha pune

Rajiv Pandit 9421019313
Aniket - 9850812747

1303 Subhashnagar, Ground floor, opp. Bajirao post office, Shukravar peth.
Pune, Maharashtra 411002

 with Veena Page, Rajiv Pandit, Pradip Inamdar, Vrunda Pandit, Dharmaraj Patil, Saurabh Pandit and Sudhir Rao.

Ela Foundation pune

Ela Foundation is a non-government registered charity devoted to nature education and conservation. Some of the major projects executed by us are:


We conduct the unique ‘Certificate Course in Basic Ornithology’ jointly with M.E.S. Abasaheb Garware College, Pune. The course is running since 2003 and more than 600 participants have completed the course successfully.
We conduct lectures, workshops and audio-visual presentations in urban and rural schools, colleges and institutions to promote nature conservation through education.

For Registration please contact-

Dr.Suruchi Pande - 9881144651
Vaibhav Gandhe - 9689886163
Sachin Haldule - 9766644802
Raghavendra Manavi - 9823468600

Ela Foundation
C-9, Bhosale Park,Sahakarnagar-2 Pune 411009, India

Membership Benefits:-

Highly Informative Pictorial Bird Life Histories Based on Original Research
Awareness Workshops on Key Topics in Ecology and Wildlife at Discount Price
Opportunity to Par…