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Shikhar Vedh

Shikhar Vedh
Name :- Jagadish Patil
Group Name :- SHIKHAR VEDH
Phone Number :- 09702121373 / 09869369836

Team Shikhar Vedh
7738374948 / 9833351478 / 9702121373 / 9870198572/ 8898751919

a) Your group name:-  Shikhar Vedh
Page created - September 20, 2014

b) Your group Facebook page:-

c) Link to Facebook event which has full details:- To b provided as per event published

d) Your group website (optional):-

e) You need to send you details of your groups

f) Date group started (optional):- 6 June 2009

g) Number of treks done till now:- 1000 +

h) Name of trek leaders:- Dipak Kumkar, Ganesh Gajre, Sonia Anchan, Bhagyshri Todankar etc.

i) Qualifications of trek leaders:- First Aid Certificate, Basic Mountaineering Course
(Number of treks done till now, any trekking qualification NIM, HMI etc)

j) Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :- Jagadish Patil

k) Address of main group office (optional f…